Why Your Company Needs a Chatbot

Learn about the advantages of chatbots over mobile apps and why you should invest in one.

Nowadays every business needs a website and very often a mobile app as well. The Chatbot technology is currently setting a new trend and all businesses have a viable use case where a Chatbot can be applied successfully to optimise their business processes. It seems that in the future, all companies would be developing a chatbot to maintain their online presence and keep up with the latest trends like they are doing with apps and websites.

Below we have listed a few examples for the main Chatbot use cases that your business can benefit from:

Have a Chatbot Instead of a Mobile App

Many businesses actually prefer to have a chatbot instead of a mobile app as it can fulfil the same purpose. Apps are difficult to develop, they would require months by a few teams of developers and at the end the result would be a simple app working on just one operating system.

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Chatbot as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy and Campaign

Not only can chatbots offer your products and services but also a specific conversation for a specific product or service can be triggered via link or click. For example a pizza company that offers all kinds of pizza, posts an ad about their new Veggie pizza for vegetarians. Then when the user clicks on the Veggie ad, the chatbot shows up specifically triggering a conversation about the Veggie pizza, not just any conversation.

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Have a Chatbot as a Live Chat on Your Website

One of the most common applications of chatbots is on company websites as a live chat. It is especially useful for companies that don’t want to reduce cost on salaries for employees that respond to chats. Chatbots not only can cover about 80% of the questions that users ask but they are also available 24/7 to make sure the company doesn’t lose customers. Very often companies would like to have the feature for the chatbot to switch to a human when it cannot answer the question.

Chatbots Applications

Chatbots may have many applications. However one of the most valuable advantage of Chatbots is that they can guide the user in an interactive way through a complex process. For example, a chatbot can guide the user though an insurance claim submission process and steps or a chatbot can ask a series of questions to accurately diagnose user’s financial profile.

Chatbots also have the following benefits offered by chatbot agencies:

  • Better Mobile Apps – chatbots have various benefits over the mobile apps as they don’t need to be downloaded, installed, updated, etc. Please see more information here
  • Cost saving – it is much faster and about three time less expensive to develop a chatbot rather than a regular app for example
  • Reach more than 2 bln people that already use chat messengers – chatbots running of the established platforms allow businesses to reach out to the already existing users of these platforms which comprise to more than 2 billion people
  • Great for marketing – in addition to be a very valuable part of the marketing campaigns, chatbots also attract marketing attention for being cool and innovative
  • Great for marketing – in addition to be a very valuable part of the marketing campaigns, chatbots also attract marketing attention for being cool and innovative
  • Reengage users – chatbots allow businesses to reengage users in an interactive way, giving them value instead of retargeting them with standard spam-like messages. For example a rap songs bot can offer and send information to the user about the new song of their favorite singer.
  • Interactive Artificial Intelligence – chatbots can be trained to understand natural language. It is a good practice to have the chatbot guide through the conversation with interactive lists and menus but the chatbot can also be taught to understand free-text speech input from the user.
  • Personalised assistance – chatbots can provide personalised assistance by greeting the user by their name for example or by linking to an external system e.g. user’s youtube profile and sending personalised information based on that, etc.
  • Answer FAQs – chatbots are often used as assistants on websites or mobile devices to answer frequently asked questions about the business
  • Automated Customer Support
  • Be in line with the latest trends – it is not only functional and efficient to have a chatbot for your business but it is also trendy. Nowadays it is essential to be up to date with the latest technological developments

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