Introduction to Chatbots for Business

Learn about chatbot benefits, functionality, discoverability and cost of development.

The dictionary meaning of a chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users and it uses Artificial Intelligence to do that. Chatbots cannot fully replace a human conversation at the stage of development but they can definitely understand and help the user with a certain problem that they are designed for. So the current level of Artificial Intelligence allows chatbots to act as AI assistants threatening to replace most of the mobile apps and websites that we know today.

This is how a chatbot built for Facebook Messenger could look like:

Image provided by Facebook

Chatbot Benefits

You may review below the main benefits of chatbots especially over mobile apps.

  • No user friction – chatbots do not require downloading, applying regular updates or requiring user registration which are the main problems with regular apps
  • Chatbots work within popular chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whats App, Skype and others. This saves a lot of effort on the Front-end and UI as these are already established channels
  • Reach more than 2 bln people that already use chat messengers – chatbots running of the established platforms allow businesses to reach out to the already existing users of these platforms which comprise to more than 2 billion people
  • Chatbots can use Facebook profile information to personalize the user experience – for example the chatbot can greet you by your name or send some specific information suitable for your gender or language
  • Chatbots work on all mobile operating systems – this is a huge advantage for chatbots because regular apps can spend months of development to have a simple app working on just one operating system and device


Chatbots offer most features that native apps offer. In fact, they should be called chat apps.

  • Payments – payments can happen within the chatbot
  • Push messages/notifications – chatbots can also be proactive by sending out notifications to the user
  • Sharing of documents, images, videos and audio
  • Campaign tracking and analytics
  • Chat based interface as well as interactive screens


Image provided by Facebook

  • Chatbot can start a conversation with the user when they click on a banner
  • Chatbot can start a conversation with the user when they scan a barcode
  • Users can share chatbots with friends via a native interface
  • Chatbots can be published to a chatbot store
  • Chat based interface as well as interactive screens


Developing a chatbot can cost up to 75% less than a mobile app. Why? Because chatbots reuse the user interface of existing messengers. No need for front-end development. Second, chatbots work on iOS and Android out of the box. No need to develop separate apps.

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