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Learn why events need chatbots and not mobile apps. Try our white-label chatbot for events.

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One of the main goals of every event organizer is to delight visitors and make their event as engaging and remembering as possible. On the other hand, visitors demands are constantly growing. People expect convenient and fast access to information before, during and after each event. They also expect event organizers to facilitate the networking during each event so that they can create meaningful connections with others visitors.

All of this puts pressure on event organizers to innovate and many of them decide to invest in mobile apps that can accommodate visitors' needs. Unfortunately, mobile apps more often than not are not the solution. In this article we will explain why chatbots are the answer, what their benefits are and how they can boost your event.

The Issue with Mobile Apps

The truth is that most event mobile apps just fail. People do not use them actively enough during the event and they uninstall them 1 hour after the event. This is just a big loss for event organizers who have spent a lot of money and effort to develop them.

There are a few reasons why mobile apps fail:

  • They are heavy. They need downloading, installing, registering and logging-in. This is too much for users as they do not want new apps on their smartphones.
  • They are expensive. Hiring an agency to build a mobile app costs money and effort. Maintaining the app requires additional costs and effort.
  • Different platforms. You need apps for Android and iOS. These apps should support older and newer versions of the operating systems. You need to deal with their app stores and push updates.

This is just too much costs and effort, especially for something that event visitors do not appreciate and use.

Chatbots Are the Real Solution

Chatbots can do almost everything that mobile apps can and they have many advantages. Here is why they beat mobile apps in every possible aspect.

  • No user friction. Forget downloading and installation. It takes 3 seconds to start using a chatbot. You just open it in Facebook Messenger or Skype and you are already using it. Chatbots already know your name and basic info from your social profile.
  • Cost efficient. You can use a white-label chatbot solution as a service that will be much more cost efficient then building a mobile app from scratch.
  • Build once, use everywhere. One bot can work on all operating systems and on most popular messengers such as Skype, Messenger, Viber, Slack and Telegram. It can also work on your website.

You can read more about chatbots as well as their features and benefits in this article.

TechnologyValley Event Chatbot

We offer a white-label chatbot for events that provides an end-to-end event experience to visitors. It enables visitors to exchange contacts with each other, helps them keep track of the event agenda, answers frequently asked questions, makes sure everyone receives their ticket and many others.

You can test a demo of our chatbot on Facebook Messenger, Skype and on a website.

Event Chatbot Features

Below are described the main features of the Event Chatbot.


Participants can view event's agenda inside the Event Chatbot. This is an easy way for users to see who the next speaker is, where the presentation would be held or what is planned next.

Viewing event agenda

Exchange Contacts

Participants can exchange their contact details easily through the chatbot by scanning a unique QR code generated by the chatbot. The bot generates a unique QR code for every user and each user needs to enter their contact details in the chatbot, so that they can share these details through their QR code from the chatbot.

Getting your personal QR code

Traditionally participants use business cards for this purpose but people often forgot whose card that was which is a problem and producing cards also harms trees. Sometimes event organizers solve this problem by buying expensive poken devices for their event, however these devices don’t always work well, they are quite expensive and it is an additional device that participants have to carry. The Event Chatbot offers an eco-friendly, inexpensive solution which is demonstrated on the demo videos.

The participant just sends a picture of the unique QR code of the other participant to the chatbot and receives that person’s contact details. Participants have to enter their contact details first and these details are stored in the uniquely generated QR code. So when participants exchange their QR codes, they actually share contact details to each other.

Taking a photo of someones QR code
Making a connection

Event Ticket

Participants can also get their tickets through the chatbot. It is an easy way to receive the event ticket and show it at the entrance when you come.

Example event ticket

Event Information

Participants can also see more information about the organizers of the event and how to contact them.

Getting contact info

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering FAQs about the event and the organizers.

Asking a question


Chatbots are easy to discover. You can either scan the chatbot code with your Facebook Messenger camera or just find it by its name in Facebook Messenger like you would find a friend.

Opening the bot by scanning a QR code
Discovering the bot by searching

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