Conversational Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

Our product OneAI combines the power of AI, Chatbots and Semantic Search into a single innovative solution that can automate your business processes.

Superior Technology

Our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology is based on more than 5 years of R&D in the field of Machine Learning. It is capable of extracting multiple meanings per sentence with very high accuracy, which is unique on the market.

  • Natural Language Understanding based on Deep Learning
  • Understanding of multiple meanings per user query
  • Works with 120+ languages

Hybrid User Interface

Our innovative product combines elements of conversational and traditional user interfaces in order to provide users with the answers they are looking for as quickly as possible.

  • Combines Conversational UI with Traditional UI
  • Serves answers to users in a natural way
  • Works equally well on desktop and mobile devices

Voice Enabled

Our product supports both voice input and output. This means that users can both chat and talk with our software in order to get what they want.

  • Understands voice input
  • Can speak with different voices
  • Supports voice search on desktop and mobile devices

Pricing Model

Our pricing model is based on one-time implementation fee + monthly hosting and maintenance fee.


Custom pricing
+ monthly fee

  • Up to 10 conversation topics
  • Up to 2000 messages p/m
  • OneAI core user interface
  • Up to 3 custom interface widgets
  • Dedicated project manager


Custom pricing
+ monthly fee

  • Up to 30 conversation topics
  • Up to 10000 messages p/m
  • OneAI core user interface
  • Up to 10 custom interface widgets
  • Advanced contextual suggestions
  • Dedicated project manager


Custom pricing
+ monthly fee

  • Unlimited conversation topics
  • Unlimited messages p/m
  • OneAI complete user interface
  • OneAI voice capabilities
  • Unlimited custom interface widgets
  • Contextual suggestions
  • Dedicated AI development team
  • Other custom features


This is what our clients and partners have to say about us.

Stoyan Vodev

Founder and CEO of imagineTEC

We have developed a great partnership with TechnologyValley and their dedication to our projects is evident in all aspects of the work they do. Their knowledge and expertise in machine learning and chatbots is diverse. I would highly recommend TechnologyValley for all innovative Artificial Intelligence Work, they are exceptionally professional and resourceful people with incredible insight.

Arno Gudden

Director of Exocortex

We approached TechnologyValley with a project to integrate a text analytic model into our existing model. TechnologyValley immediately had a good understanding of our project and they didn't mind to explain multiple options and the consequences for our project. The project was finished within the deadlines. We highly recommend TechnologyValley for Machine Learning projects!

Kalin Stoyanov

General Manager at ProViotic UK

We used TechnologyValley AI product for our ProViotic app and we were quite happy with the quality. We really liked the advanced Natural Language Understanding capabilities and the ease of use.

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